Sunday, April 6, 2008

20th post!

Alright. So maybe its not a big deal to anyone else, but I have stuck to blogging and it is huge for me to stick to anything! So here I am celebrating my 20th post by writing 20 totally random things about me. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed thinking back about these sometimes funny memories from my crazy life!
1. In 5th grade, I printed 1000 pages of the letter k in the school computer lab just to see if it would work. Well, it did and the whole 5th grade class could not go to recess until someone confessed to the crime. I still remember how hot my cheeks were and how fast my heart was beating when I confessed. The teacher cried cause she said she did not expect such a good girl to do that. I felt horrible!
2. I used to want to be nancy Kerrigan (the ice skater) I wrote about her in my diary almost every day in 1994
3. I have seen Reba mcentire in concert 7 times!
4. I waited on the phone line for 3 hours to talk to Reba on a radio show. I prayed the whole 3 hours that I would get through. I never did and I cried to her cd afterward.
5. My friend veronica and I once made pickle, peanut butter, salsa cookies for the nusery kids when we had to babysit during a relief society event. We were so mean! Now we have kids and feel terrible for it! It is fun to laugh about though.
6. I wrote a story about my grandpa mckeon in 7th grade. My teacher thought it was so good that she sent it to a national paper. It was published... So I guess I'm a published author! ; )
7. I have met both Richard G. Scott, and James E. Faust and shook their hands.
8. My first cd was Boyz II Men
9. Most guys I have dated at one time: 4 (don't judge me) ha ha
10. I jumped off of a 50 foot waterfall in Hawaii. It was scary, but amazing!
11. I was hit by a jet ski 4 yeas ago and have a permanent dent in my calf now. I don't have feeling in it either!
12. I have a picture of me on top of the world trade center 3 months before it collapsed.
13. In junior high, some kid got sent to detention after talking back to the teacher. The teacher then asked "does anyone else want to go to detention? If so, just say it." I then said " I want to go" she sent me to the office and I got to miss math! Then I got grounded. (I went through a rebellious stage)
14. I can play the violin, but I hate playing in public.
15. I am deathly afraid of clowns! Something about them is so creepy! Anyone could be under that makeup. I saw one in a haunted house once and l laid on the floor and started kicking my legs frantically. They finally had to turn on the lights to let me out. I am better now, but they still freak me out.

16. I once ran into a screen door at a party. It totally ruined my "coolness factor".
17. My best friend, emily, and I forced some guys to go out with us. We showed up at their apartment and said "we are going to a party. Come on!" they said no but we did not leave until they gave in. It was hilarious! I think they ended up having fun though.
18. My mom woke up at 5 am every morning to do my hair...p.s. I was in high school!
19. Once, I tried to go to a party while I was grounded. I told my parents I was going to work and left to go to dinner with friends. While I was there, I saw my parents (at the same restauraunt) and I had to slip out of the back door. Thinking they had seen me, I went to where I worked (Target)in case they showed up. My parents DID show up at Target and I had to pretend to work for almost 2 hours (unpaid) til my parents left! I missed the party and went home. I think my parents did it on purpose to teach me a lesson. ha ha!
20. I first told my husband that I loved him in front of Snow White's wishing well at Disneyland. Now we have to take a picture there every time we go.

Well, hope you all got through that without getting too bored. At least it will be fun for me to read someday. Maybe I'll even do another one for my 50th blog...or not!


Krystle said...

i knew most of those but i still thought it was interesting. i remember the jet ski accident very well...the docters pumped you full of drugs and you sang random songs, quoted ralf from the simpsons and told me you weren't going to remember anything the next day about 50 times lol

Leilani said...

I loved reading all this stuff! Thanks for sharing it. So the 4 guys you dated at the same time know about each other?

Adrien said...

That was very good reading! And I totally agree about the clowns! They are terrifying to say the least. You stuck with the violin! I remember you playing it when we went to Watkins...haha. Thanks for the post the other day, it reminded me I never linked the rest of my pics to it. I swear having a baby made me start to turn stupid.

Lacey said...

i really enjoyed getting to know you better... a little surprising sweet carli had a rebelious streak!

Sarah said...

ha ha those randomnicities are SO hilarious! what a rebel!

Chambers Family said...

That was probably my sisters that you fed the pickles and peanut butter to! At that point though you need something to laugh at:) Thanks for the funnies

Veronica said...

This is all soooo funny! Will we ever stop laughing about the pickle cookie thing?? HA HA HA HA HA!!!