Saturday, February 16, 2008


Hi Everyone! I finally got some way cute pictures off of Christian's new i phone and decided to share them all with you. The first picture is of Kennedy with her Great, great grandma K. It was so cute to see them together. Kennedy could not take her eyes off of her. The next picture is one of my favorites. We were at Christian's grandparents house and Kennedy saw this picture of Jesus hanging up. She reached out to it and we had to take a picture. She was touching Jesus' face and smiling. It was so precious. Kennedy has been trying her hardest to crawl lately, but she can't quite figure it out yet. I took a few pictures of her trying to crawl and they turned out pretty cute. We also bought her a bouncy chair that hangs up in the doorway. She loves to bounce away in it. I can't believe how big she is getting.

For Valentine's day, Christian took me to the Jim Brickmand concert. It was really good! It was not Christian's kind of music, but he said that he enjoyed it. I was glad that he sat through it for me because I had a good time. We left Kennedy with her grandparents. The last few pictures are of her on Valentine's day but for some reason, they won't load. I will post another blog tomorrow and see if the pictures will post then.

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Veronica said...

What is it with babies and elderly people? My kids do the same thing with my great grandmother. Oh my gosh, the picture of K and Jesus is tooo sweet! I swear babies remember a lot because the veil has to be super thin!