Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Music Lover

Well, I guess we knew it would happen since both Christian and I love music...Kennedy loves music too! Last Friday, Kennedy and I went to watch daddy's band practice. We thought that the music might be to loud and scare her, but she loved it! She could not take her eyes off of the instruments. After the music set, she would bounce on her legs as if she was excited for more! She is such a fun girl!

I wanted to let you all know that due to technical difficulties (I mean by loosing the video camera charger) We have not been able to get any videos of Kennedy which makes me very sad. The radio Shack guy told us that we can buy a universal charger for our camera which I am going to do tomorrow. As soon as I do that, we will be making, and posting, videos of us and of the baby. That will be fun. At least I will be able to get it on film when she crawls and walks. I am sad about all of the great stuff that we missed though like her first laugh, and some other funny moments. I guess I'll just have to write about them and rememebr them that way.

As soon as I get a new charger, and new batteries for my camera, (I know, I am so bad) I will be posting many more pics and videos for you all!

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Veronica said...

Yea! You figured out how to add friends! How cute that Kennedy is a musical kid. Could she be anything else with the mom she's got? I mean really.