Sunday, February 17, 2008

how I really feel

I'm posting this blog from a cell phone so this will have some errors. I had to post now because I realized how annoyed I am about something that anyone with kids knows about. So I was at the mall yesterday with my baby in her stroller, just minding my own business when out from nowhere, some kid comes and sticks his hand in my kids mouth. Rather than push the kid out of the way like I wanted to do, I scanned the store for a parent or someone who would take control of him. About 2 feet behind him was his mom and dad smiling as if it was so cute to see their sweet boy shoving his dirty hands into the mouth of a 5 month old. I watched in horror as they just stood there allowing this. Finally, I just rolled away hoping they would not follow. Right after the event, my husband said that it grossed him out and he was also appauled that the parents did not say stop, sorry or anything. I guess this is no big deal if it was a one time occurance, but people (mostly adults) are always under the assumption that they can rub my childs face and let her suck on their fingers. That is so sick! One woman at the mall just caressed her face and I could do nothing but muster up a discusted smile. I mean what can I say? Stop touching my child before you give her a disease? The final straw happened today when someone at church took her from my hands and kissed all over her face. I cringed but was mute yet again. How do I stop the madness? I'm not a mean person. You can hold her if I know you and you don't have green mucus, but how do I keep strangers and sickies from her without Being rude? Its common sense right? Guess not.

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Adrien said...

haha, I posted a blog about the same thing on Myspace. I feel ya! People!
By the way, your page looks great if you want to know the links, I can try and email ya!