Friday, February 11, 2011

A day in the life...and other stuff

It is sad when I have gone a month or two without blogging, and have manage to take ZERO new pictures or videos of my children. But, what is really sad is that I had not time to take pictures or blog, but I made time to watch 2 hours of The Bachelor every Monday night. Man, that show is like a train wreck. I just can't look away! Every season, I tell myself "Now Carli, you have way more important things to do than to watch that trash." I tell myself that I will never watch it again, and then I DO! EVERY SINGLE SEASON! Can I just say one thing about The Bachelor while I'm on the subject? Of course I can! It's my blog! That Michelle is a piece of work! I am just glad that they don't tell you she id LDS. If they did, that would be pretty embarrassing for me. Wait...I just told everyone. Oh well. At least millions of people don't read my blog.

On to other important/not so important things. Working at a day care is CRAZY! And I mean CRAZY! Today, I had one of those days where everything that can go wrong, did go wrong. Since my kids were sick last week, I took a few days off. That means that I had to make up the days. Today, I made up a day all by myself with 7 children. Here is sort of how that went.
- I try to take the kids outside so that I don't go crazy. Stupid me does not realize that it is extra MUDDY outside. After seeing mud all over shoes, pants and hands, I call them in and tell them to take off muddy clothing outside. While I am helping to strip down some children, others run in with muddy clothing and manage to track mud all through the house.
- I make lunch while kids are sitting and banging on the table for their food. All flustered, I drop a sandwich on the floor, mayo side up of course, and have to make a new one. While I am making lunch, my baby is playing in the toilet...which another child forgot to flush!! EWWWWW!!!
- Someone poops their pants
-I get lunch on the table-FINALLY
-Kid spills their milk all over the floor
- While cleaning up milk, another child comes to the door. While I am checking that child in, my baby pushes a chair to the counter and is on to of it about to knock over an expensive cake table thing. I run over and grab it just in time.
- Another kids poops their pants.
- I lay babies down for naps. While I am doing that, a kids is screaming he has to go pee! I have to leave a screaming baby upstairs to take this kid potty. He drips all over the floor. Lovely.
- Put babies to sleep.
- Come down to see a girl on the table spinning the chandelier around.
-See the mess from lunch and start to clean it
-Kids start fighting in the other room.
- Put big kids down for nap
-Kids fight over where they want to sleep
I sanitize all toys in bleach water and Clorox wipe all surfaces while kids rest.
-I read kids a book about an alligator that lives under a kids bed. The rest of the day, one little boy tells me how scared he is of the alligator under his bed and that his dad will have to kill it. He tells every kid in day care to be careful of the alligator under their beds or it will eat them...and it will hurt really bad.
- I gave one girl the wrong pair of socks. The other mom was not so happy that I gave her daughters socks to someone else.
- A girl gets slapped in the face. I have to tell her mom why her cheek is all red.

That is not everything that happened in an 11 hour period, but you get the idea. Well, more later. I need to lay down before I have a heart attack!

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