Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

He always squints!
I think that we had a little TOO much fun this Valentine's Day. We went out with some friends to Timpanyaki, ate really good food and had the best time. It was awesome to be with the man I loved as well as the friends that I love!

Kennedy has her first school Valentine's day party today. She decorated all of her cards for her friends and got to bring a teddy beat to school for the big party. She was really excited about it, so I finally remembered to take a couple of pictures to remember the moment. She really wanted a picture with her teacher. This is Miss Shawna Love, and Kennedy definitely loves her!

I also wanted to take a second to remember my grandpa, Max Mckeon. He was killed on Valentines day when I was a little girl. He was the greatest grandpa that a girl could ever ask for and we all miss him very much. LOVE YOU GRANDPA!!!

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The Meaniwacs said...

Thanks for posting pictures of Grandpa, it's nice to be able to remember him!