Friday, August 1, 2008

tag! Im it!

melanie tagged me and I am supposed to list 6 quirks that I have. I am posting from my phone again so expect errors. ; )

1. Ever since kindergarten, I have had to be at the front of the line. I'm not kidding! Even if I'm just with my family and we are in line at a restauraunt or amusement park, I need to be in front. To this day, if someone gets in front of me, I have the urge to say " no cuts, no buts, no alligator guts!"

2. When I am concentrating, I chew my tongue. My husband pointed it out to me and ever since then, I realized that I do it all the time! I bite my lip a lot too.

3. I never take showers... Nasty hu? No, I only take baths. I love relaxing in the bath every night and reading a book. The only time that I take showers is if I am at a hotel. I refuse to sit on a nasty tub that strangers feet have stood in.

4. I peel my nails. I know it sound sick, and it is! I peel the layers off of my nails. One by one until they are so thin I could blow them away. That's why I like to get them painted. I am less likely to peel them if they are pretty. Plus the polish makes them harder to peel.

5. I am super obsessed with 80's shows that I watched as a child. I go on ebay and buy old shows like " punky brewster" seasons and " the hugga bunch". I actually still watch them too! They sell " kidsongs" at wal mart for $1 and I bought all of them yesterday. There is something about being a kid that was magical and I like to relive it through. Tv!

6.I am probably the most forgetful person you will ever meet. In fact, I actually won the " miss forgetful" award 2. Years in a row in high school! I forget stuff for my baby all the time. Diapers, wipes, pacifiers, extra clothes. You name it and I have forgotten it!

So, that's it! I now tag libby, kelli and lanette!


Mary said...

hey! we totoally do need to go swimming! i would LOVE that! I will have to call you! i start school soon and mylife is over at that point.. so..other than seeing you to pick up and drop of the child we wont be able to hang out htat often--therefore we need to do it NOW! lannett can come she has a car now

lizdye said...

I didnt know the bath part. That is a super good quirk because it means you get to relax everyday and have a minute to yourself. I need to take baths more often. Also, have you looked up the Today Special episodes on youtube? That was my favorite.

Lanette Sanders said...

Busted! I can't believe you tagged me! I've never been tagged before. Let me know when you and Mary are planning on swimming again. I can actually get there now!

Chambers Family said...

Thanks for being a good sport. Wow you can do that on your cell? You are amazing! I love finding out more about people:) My dad sticks out his tongue when he concentrates and it makes my mom laugh so hard! I think I probably do that too, but I haven't paid attention. Have you noticed that being pregnant makes the forgetting thing 10 times worse? Dave hates it when he tries to talk to me when I'm pregnant and I have no idea what he says:) I would love to get together and have a BC ward Utah reunion! I have a family thing next week, but the rest of August is open:)

Adrien said...

One of the things I remember about you is that you used to pick that spot on your ear, it was like a hole. Kicked that habit? :) That was fun tor read. I love the Kennedy fit picture. I've seen that face way too many times myself lately! I feel your pain and send my sympathy!

Leilani said...

Ailona so chews his tongue when he thinks too! I always laugh when I see him doing it. And I too love shows from the 80's. Although I'm more into the cartoon ones; ie: gummy bears, smurfs, the snorks, etc And I've only watched a few episodes since childhood-my cousin has an old VHS with them taped on it. :)