Sunday, August 24, 2008

Early Birthday Party

Since we are in California, we had an early birthday party for Kennedy with our family. She had so much fun eating cake and ice cream,opening presents and playing with her new toys. I have no idea how I am going to get her presents back to Utah, but I'll figure something out. I was happy that we were able to let everyone see her before she turned one. Her first birthday party is this Saturday and her actual birthday is on Sunday. I can't believe it!!!

Warning: The next clip may not be suitable for young viewers. After the party was the "after-party" in the hot tub. Kennedy danced naked to some techno music. Introducing... "Babies Gone Wild"!


krystle said...

soon she'll be throwing her own rave watch out lol....don't want her to be dancing nude at he sweet 16 haha

Sarah said...

that was SO funny! Happy Birthday Kennedy! You sure lived it up. I just hope the 2nd birthday doesn't escalate from here! :)

Miss Heather said...

That is the cutest video ever! I can't believe how big she is!!