Friday, July 25, 2008

Sorry! My family is here from Texas and I hardly ever get to see them so I will post as soon as they leave to tell you all the awesome things we have been doing! I have about a million pictures to post too! Until then, I wanted to ask you all something. Registration for American Idol is tomorrow and I still can't decide if I want to try out or not.
1. wait in line forever tomorrow to get a wrist band
2. have to get a copy of my birth certificate
3. Have to get in line at 5:00 am monday morning
4. wait another like 9 hours in line
5. get about 10 second to try to show off my voice
6. may just have to leave after 10 seconds of singing if they dont like what I do

1. I get to finally say I tried out
2. Maybe they will like me

That's it. A lot of hastles and cons but maybe I will kick myself if I dont do it. What do you think?


Emily Boles said...


If you don't do it I will kick your ass.

Your bestest

Nikki said...

Hey Carli,
I got your post on my blog. It was absolutely a HUGE hassle, two ridiculously long days, AND TOTALLY WORTH IT. I went with my sister, and it was really fun (even though we cut got right away). We met a lot of weird people, there's a lot of energy and excitement, and now I'll never wonder "what if..." So do it. Even if you don't get through, it's fun to say you did it, ya know?

Leilani said...

DO IT!!!

The Thorsons said...

Just do it! You will never ever have to ask yourself "what if?" A small inconvience of waiting in line would be worth that peace of mind, besides I'm sure you don't just wait in line, it's probably very fun. Besides it would be so cool for the rest of us to be able to say we know you.

Krystle said...

DO IT!!!!! adn make jayson do it too. you rock!

Alicia States said...

I agree with everyone else! If you can handle the "worse case senario"... GO FOR IT! I'm sure you'll be GREAT!

Chambers Family said...

You come from a musical family, so you have a better shot right?? Plus, you'll need to get a copy of your birth certificate anyway, if you plan on going on trips etc.!! Let me know how it goes. You can have fun anywhere. Who knows, maybe you'll get to have a documentary about yourself!