Friday, July 11, 2008

Blessings 9 and 10

I messed up last time. It was supposed to be blessing 8. And since I am behind (as usual) I am posting blessings 9 and 10 on this post. First off, blessing 9 is definitely having a sense of humor and having friends with them too! A lot of my friends and I have been going through some hard times, and I am sure a lot of you have also. I think what gets me through it all is being able to laugh! I have some seriously fun friends who I love to laugh with and have "inside" jokes with. So in honor of this blessing, I just wanted to share a few "funny" things with you all.

1. I once grabbed some random guys butt at Target thinking it was my husband! I was so embarrassed once I realized it was not him. I looked at the ground and walked away as fast as I could! My friend Emily witnessed the whole thing!

2. Speaking of Emily, we have done some crazy stuff! When we lived in Hawaii, she would put a pink thong over her pants and dance to Britney Spears "I'm a Slave" just to make me laugh. haha. Love you Em!

3. I accidentally "tooted" on Christian and my 3rd date. I said "you might want to roll down the windows". He stared at me and I could tell he was trying not to laugh. I played it off, but I was embarrassed. (by the way, Christian claims he knew he wanted to marry me after that. Nasty hu?)

4. When I was a freshman in high school, I wrote a "fake" love letter to a senior I was in love with. I accidentally left it in a classroom overnight. The next day at school, It was posted up on the board and everyone had read it...including John Berry. I was humiliated! It sure is funny now though!

5. I once clogged the toilet and my boyfriends house. I tried plunging it, but it didn't work. WARNING: DO NOT READ PAST HERE IF YOU DONT WANT TO READ SOMETHING REALLY GROSS!!! well, I warned you. So, since the plunging didn't work, I got a huge wad of toilet paper and a plastic bag from under the sink. I then proceded to fish the contents of my bowels out of the toilet to place it in the plastic bag. The toilet then flushed, but I had to sneak out and throw the bag away outside. Very gross, I know, but very funny!

Anyway, humor is a cure all. You will all now see me differently. HA!


Mary said...

you make me smile:) so you wanna go swimming... say wednesday??? one ish????? oh and i have offically decided that you are going to be korbins babysitter when i go to school:) thanks

Sarah said...

I totally LOVED those stories! You are such a fun crazy girl! And your pictures totally made me laugh out loud, especially the envy one! :)

Adrien said...

haha, funny stories! And about the talking....don't worry, Baylee is almost a month older than your little lady and my kid has her short comings. She will not even touch a spoon(unless to throw it across the room), so I will be feeding her her dinner for a long time still.woohoo

Chambers Family said...

Oh, that is so crazy, because Dave was so excited when I "farted" in his presence. One of those silent but deadly ones. He took that as his permission to toot in front of me, but he claims they "smell like roses!" I beg to differ and wonder if I could take it back now! :)