Thursday, May 29, 2008

Feeling down

I have felt really down the past few days. I have had a bad ear infection, headaches and bad days. If anyone has anything nice to say or any good quotes or stories, please share them. I feel sort of bad for posting such a negative blog, but its how I feel. Feel free to call me or write me. I think I just need to get out of the house or something. Hopefully my next post will be on a happier note.


Leilani said...

Carli I love you! You're the greatest! A great mom, singer, friend, etc! YOU ARE LOVED!!

When are you planning your next trip to Texas?

Alicia States said...

I love you (too) Carli! I see Lei beat me to it... but thats EXACTLY what I was planning to say! Wish we could just take our little munchkins to the beach or park or zoo or something! Have Christian get you whatever dessert/snack/junk food you want! (Makes me feel a little better anyway!)Write some poems! Id love to read them!