Sunday, May 18, 2008

Fast Week

Is is just me, or did this week go by SUPER fast! I swear it flew by! I realized that I have not posted since last Sunday, but it did not seem like that long ago. Maybe it was because I was busy with Kennedy...or maybe it was because I lost track of the days this week. Anyway, this week was pretty uneventful until Friday. Christian got off work at noon, so we went to the Renaissance Festival. It was okay I guess. I was just happy to spend time as a family together. The jousting was pretty cool though. Looked pretty dangerous, but it was entertaining. For those of you who know me well, I am a bit morbid. : ) Since I was a little kid, I have always loved blood and guts. I used to ask my mom to read me the stories that had pictures of people holding knifes or of the plague. haha! Kinda scary hu? So I was hoping that maybe someone would fall off the horse during the joust, but no such luck. What, if they are dumb enough to do it, they deserve to get hurt right? Okay, maybe not. I am just mean. THe picture below is of Kennedy after a straberry slushie. She was a sticky mess!

On another note, I just had to add a pictue of Kennedy's toes. We went to see Iron man last night (good movie. I reccomend it) and we came back to find that Aunt Ashlee painted Kennedy's toenails pink. It was too cute!

Lat but not least, I need to write about blessing number 3 which is Kennedy! She can always broightn my day with just a smile! Sometimes when I put her down for bed, she stands up and laughs. No matter how tired I am, I have to get her back out and hug her cause she is too cute! I love how little things make her laugh like throwing shoes, jumping on the bed and looking out the window for daddy to come home. She is my little princess! Oh, and I forgot to mention that she LOVES playing drums with daddy!


Chambers Family said...

How fun to get out. I am so excited for our summer. Nothing's planned except CAMPING, but I can't wait to spend it with family. That is so fun that she loves drumming with her daddy. Our daddy tries to get the kids to play Lacrosse with him:) They just aren't very coordinated. I was telling Veronica we should have a Bear Creek reunion...Are you up for one?

Alicia States said...

I Love it carli! I had no idea you're so morbid ;) I would love to go to a festival right now! Or the zoo... or Anything! :) Kennedy's toes are absolutely precious!!! Keep 'em comin'!