Sunday, May 25, 2008

Blessing # 4...The Gospel!

I realized how much I take having the gospel in my life for granted. Quick story will tell you why I recognized how blessed I really am. So, for those of you who don;t know, Christian owns 3 homes which he rents out to people. The first house he bought turned out to be a huge mistake (a.k.a. learning experience)! The people living there are not honest or clean... may not even be legal. We don't know. So to make a long story short, he basically evicted everyone form the home about 2 months ago and we have not been back since, until last weekend. We expected to find an empty home since all utilities had been shut off long before. What did we find? Kids playing in the front yard, a home full of poo (people poo and dog poo), about 5 adults living there with their children, oh ya....and NEEDLES for drugs! At first, my reaction was pure anger. Then it turned into disgust. But after the cops showed up and I saw the children leaving with nothing but a single grocery bag filled with their belongings, I felt sad for them. It was not their fault that they were living in filth with no running water and drugs around them. This was the only life they knew. How did I get so blessed to have parents who actually cared about my
surroundings and worked hard to show us a good example? I never had to deal with my parents being in jail or on drugs. Instead, I had a family who held family home evening each week and went to church every Sunday! They taught me the gospel and I never really realized how blessed I was to actually be BORN into such a wonderful thing. I really feel bad for those children. Who knows where they will go or what they will see in their life. I wish that all parents cared enough about their children to teach them that they are children of God and should not have to live a dishonest life. At least I have my daughter that I can teach! Anyway, that is my thought for the day.


Sarah said...

Oh wow, it totally makes me mad, too. I wish people realized that there is better out there than what they have! At least we have our reach as mothers to teach those around us (our children) these truths. Thank you for your post!

Alicia States said...

That is so crazy! But it's so amazing that we are born to parents who taught the the TRUTH! Such a blessing!

Veronica said...

I know what you mean! Why the Lord saw fit to bless me...I will never understand. I can't believe the house was in that condition! So terrible!!!