Friday, October 16, 2009

Funny Things

It was my first week home alone with 2 kids and can I can say that it was pretty tough! It is not because Liam is hard to take care of. He just eats and sleeps and NEVER cries. It is Kennedy that has been hard in every situation. It is funny because she will love on him and kiss him when he is on his boppy pillow, but as soon as I pick him up, she says "NO mommy! Baby Liam goes on the pillow!" She never wants me to touch or hold him, and if I do, she needs something right that second! I hope she adjusts soon.

On another note, Kennedy was so funny the other day and I WISH I had taken a picture. Kennedy was being quiet...too quiet. I went to look for her and I saw her in my bedroom playing with the breast pump. She held the pumps up to her shirt and looked confused that it was not working. She then lifted up her shirt and tucked it under her chin and tried again! She held the pumps in place and when it did not work, she just tossed them back on the floor. I thought that was soooo funny!

Funny story #2: My mom bought Kennedy a package that included all of the Disney princess dolls. Needless to say, she is in love with them and has to take them everywhere! The other day, she asked for a "hot tub" for her dolls. I filled a Tupperware with warm water so that she could pretend that was their tub. The next thing we knew, Kennedy had all of her clothes off...including her diaper...and was trying to fit into the Tupperware with the dolls! We almost died laughing! She ended up spilling the water everywhere, but it was worth it to see her trying so hard to fit in. HA HA!

Kennedy also decided that she does not want to use the potty anymore. I know when she is going potty because she locks herself in her room and opens the door when she is done. I have decided to just let her come to me on her own tome and not force it for now. I have about 100 diapers left for her. Once they are gone, we will try again.

As for Liam, he is the BEST baby ever. I have yet to hear him cry (except for when he was first born) and he sleeps almost all day and all night except to eat. He is such a sweet boy and I am so glad that he is home with us.

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earlh75 said...

Your two children are so adorable. Don't worry Kennedy will adjust soon, it always takes the first born a while to share mom and dad. You have such an cute family..I love to read your stories. Congratulations on the new arrival again!