Friday, October 12, 2007

Schedules...or not

She wont wake up this morning!

So, I really need advice from other moms out there! I was doing so great (or so I thought) at getting a sleeping schedule down for Kennedy. In fact, she slept all the way through the night on Wednesday. I was so happy and rested and I felt like all scheduling problems had been solved...I WAS SO WRONG! Last night, she kept me up all night and now she has been sleeping since 9:00 am and wont wake up for anything. Not even food! I dont know what to do. I am so tired and I feel like she is falling back into an old schedule. Someone help me please!

Scheduling problems aside, she is still a good baby. She loves to go for walks in the stroller. She looks around at everything and stays very entertained. I have to dress her up warm now because it is getting cold here in Utah now.

Besides being extreemly tired, I am doing well also. I just wish I knew what I was doing better. Christian is leaving for Dallas tomorrow for business so it will just be me and the baby. I leave for Houston on Tuesday so it will still be just me and the baby. Hopefully my family will want to stay up late with her instead of me...right family? : )

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Veronica said...

Welcome to motherhood!!! Just when you have things figured out, the kid throws you for a loop and sends you back to the drawing board to figure it all out again. Lauren had me up every hour and a half last night eating. She is all screwed up too! There isn't really much you can do at 6 weeks. It just takes time for their little clocks to figure themselves out. Hang in there. It gets sooooo much better! You know you can call me any time and we can cry together!