Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Disney Part 2

The next morning, we let the kids sleep because they both had major melt downs the night before. When we got there, Kennedy spotted Captain Hook walking down the street. Kennedy's favorite movie in the whole world is "Peter Pan", so she grabbed my hand and we started chasing him down. He seemed like he was in a hurry and he was not stopping for anybody. Kennedy was screaming, "Captain Hook!" but he could not hear her. I finally screamed "Can you please stop! You are her favorite!" I don't think that Captain Hook hears that he is any one's favorite very often, so he stopped and got on one knee and kissed her hand. Then she hugged him so tight and said "See mommy! He is not mean. He is a nice guy!" It was so cute! I tried to get my camera out for the adorable shot, but he was really in a hurry so I did not have time. I had to write it down though so that I would never forget that moment.

Kennedy is a pretty tall two year old, so she was able to ride a lot of the bigger rides. She even liked the Matterhorn! She was really fearless and even forced me to take her back to the Haunted Mansion so that she could "see the ghost sit in my lap". It was too funny to see her look down at her lap and then back up at the mirror to see the ghost sitting with her. She still talks about it daily! We had a nice lunch at the "Blue Bayou" and then we were FORCED to go to Pixie Hollow. For anyone who does not know what Pixie Hollow is, it is the place where Tinkerbell lives. Little did we know that we would be waiting in that crazy line for over an hour to meet her. I do have to say that the wait was well worth seeing how much joy it brought to Kennedy. She hugged her so tight and did not want to let go. Then, she would let go and hug her again. I hope that the video loads because it was so cute! If not, you can see it on my facebook page.

The adults switched off staying off rides with the kids, so we got to go on quite a few big rides as well. I took a few pictures of us on the rides, but I will have to post more later. I don't want to overload everyone with pictures because we have about a hundred of them! Later on that night, we went to get our seats for the "Wonderful World Of Color" show at California Adventure. I have not other words for that show except for that it was Magical and AMAZING! If you are going to Disneyland any time soon, DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW! It is a half hour long water, laser and light show with great music and amazing special effects. I can't wait to go back and see it again soon.

to end our night, we decided to go on Tower of Terror one last time. It is all of our favorite rides! But to get there, we had to walk through this new thing called "Glow Fest". It is seriously a full on night club in the middle of the street. There are Bollywood dancers in cages and strange men with neon wigs and leather outfits that dance on top of stages in the middle of the road. They also start serving alcohol in little kiosks that serve drinks with glow in the dark ice cubes. I have never seen anything like that....especially not at a Disney Park. It was so fun to watch and dance while we made our way to the ride. It was crazy hot many people were dancing in the street! It was such a great ending to a great day! And the best part was...THERE WERE NO MELTDOWNS! The kids were so good all day and did not cry or complain about anything. It was so perfect!

I was sad to leave Disneyland, but I am glad that we live close because I want to plan to go yearly now if we are able to. I will write about the rest of our vacation in my next post.

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