Sunday, May 23, 2010

Still no Computer

Since I still do not have my computer fixed, I am posting from my in laws computer. I have a few pictures that I downloaded, but I have not taken hardly ANY pictures in the past couple of months because of how busy I have been. News wise, I don't have a lot to share...mostly because I have forgotten anything worth while that may have happened.

Kennedy is saying HILARIOUS things as always. Here are a couple of conversations with her.

Situation: Kennedy had a booger on her finger and I rant to get a tissue
Me: Kennedy, EW! That is soooo Gross!
Kennedy: It's okay mommy. It's not a scary boogie, it's just a nice boogie.

Me: can I have a cookie
Kennedy: Yes, mommy
Me: Thank you
Kennedy: Oh sure, anytime!

Kennedy: Hi mom
Me: Hi
Kennedy: Do you just LOVE Liam?

Maybe these are not cute to anyone else, but I wanted to record them for myself. She also says "Oh my work" instead of "oh my word".

Liam went from crawling to standing to walking along furniture in a matter of about 2 weeks. He is always falling down and hitting his head on something these days.

This post was kind of boring, but at least I have pictures this time! Right?!


Miss Heather said...

You guys all look great! And I think those Kennedy comments are adorable and funny! :)

Meg said...

adorable family! im glad i found your blog :)


Venus Lam said...

Your kids are lovely!

Say hello from Singapore.