Wednesday, February 3, 2010

4 months old today

Time flies by so quickly with a newborn! It feels like I was complaining about my swollen feet and itchy tummy just yesterday, and now I have a 4 month old! Liam is still a sweet baby. He loves to smile and play and suck his fingers. I love him to death! Today, I had a little photo shoot with him- mind you I am not a photographer, but I wish I were.
My smiley man
Blue eyes
Sucking his 2 middle fingers

My two little munchkins (yes, christian made him Rambo)


tylerandjulie said...

FOUND YA! it was soooo good to see you tonight.I love your blog, you little crafty woman. Great ideas. Now if i could just get a girl I could use those great idea. I don't think solomon or roman would truely apprecite the flower clips or ribbon belt, but I LOVE them!

Chambers Family said...

He is so cute. It's hard to believe that mine is only 2 months older. He looks about the same age! You have such a cute family!

Alicia said...

4 months already?!?! Wow! And can I just reiterate how freaking CUTE he it! Hey, not everyone can be a photographer, or I would be out of business... hahaha... have a great weekend!