Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Chubba Wubba

I have been such a slacker lately in the blogging world. I think it is having 2 kids and trying my best to clean up after Kennedy lately. It is pretty pointless to clean up after her (since she messes things right back up) but if I don't do it, the house looks like a tornado went through it by nightfall. This past week, I also started taking Liam out a bit more. On Saturday,we went down to visit my great-grandma so that she could see Liam and give him the adorable quilt that she made. I can not believe that she is 95 and still making quilts! On Sunday, we went up to the mountains so that Kennedy could ride the tram to the tip top of the mountain for free! It was a scary ride up and down, but the view at the top was beautiful! I wanted to get a picture of us at the top, but I had to stay in the warming hut with Liam because it was FREEZING up there. Plus, we did not want Kennedy to get too close to the edge. It was a fun little Sunday outing though. Not much else to report. Liam is getting to be quite the little chunk (see picture) and Kennedy is crazy and hilarious as always! She can make Christian and I laugh all day long!
View from the top of snowbird. You can see salt lake valley!
We are level with the other mountain tops and it freaked me out!

Our little modelOh, Kennedy sleeps in her own bed all night now! YAY!!!


Chambers Family said...

How fun!! I can't believe all the snow. It's crazy. I'm glad everything is alright with Liam. That would be so scary. They sure are cute. It's crazy how much another little person can add to your life (love and craziness right?) And congrats on the bed thing. That is a milestone I hope my baby never has to reach;)

lizdye said...

It is so fun to have 2! He is so stinking cute, and Im glad he is being such a good baby for you! Love ya

The House that James Built said...

ohswet carli....just getting up to speed on your blog. i am so sorry to hear about liam. it is heartbreaking to have your baby suffer. i am so happy he is home, doing well-and so dang cute! miss K is so cute and big- i hardly recognize her.

thank you so much for your sweet comments and concern for us. i love you and am so glad to have met you! xoxo