Tuesday, June 24, 2008

No tags

Well, I always see my friends fun tags...and nobody EVER tags me. What the heck people? So, I decided to just take my picking and do one that I saw. It is 5 pet peeves that I have. So, here they are.

#1. I HATE it when people try to get every last bit of ice out of their cups...especially when it is in a movie or at a play. They just shake and shake the ice and then pat on the bottom of the cup til ice comes out. So loud and soooo annoying! (then comes the chewing of the ice...AHHHH)

#2. There is no such word as "irregardless" people. The word is regardless so stop saying it! I am too nice to correct people when they say it but come on. Did you not take English in high school?

#3. I find it annoying and distracting when people say "you know?" after every sentence! No I don't know...that is why you are telling me the story because I don't know! When ever my brother tells a story and says "you know", I say "no I don't know" just so that he can feel as annoyed as I do. haha!

#4. I know how to raise my child! I can't tell you how often I hear "she needs more meat on those bones", "you need to let her cry and then she will learn" or my all time worst "you need to break her of that habit fast"! I am not going to do anything to hurt my child. I am all about advise, but not unless I ask for it. I'm sure I will learn by trial and error.

#5. I may have been guilty of this one once or twice, but I have stopped because I realized how annoying it actually is. This is actually my number one pet peeve. FISHING FOR COMPLIMENTS! When someone says "I am so ugly" or "I am so fat" they want you to say "no, you are beautiful and skinny". I actually know someone (no names) who does this at least 3 times a day and I give in and give them the compliment! Someday when this person says "Oh, this sucks and that looks terrible" maybe I will just say "Yes it does!"

Let me clear up, I say that I need to lose some weight because I still have a little left to go, but I am in no way looking for anyone to say "no, you look amazing!" If anyone catches me "fishing", please be kind and let me know.

Now, since I never get to do this...I tag Alicia, Sarah and Melanie


Leilani said...

Irregardless!! People always say that--even my mom! It drives me so crazy too. It's one of those things that once someone says it-I am so distracted that I don't hear anything else they say. I'm just trying to keep from correcting them.

Oh, and I would tag you, but I have only been tagged once myself and it was months ago and I still haven't done it. But if I ever do one, I will definitely tag you. (sorry about the run-on)

Sarah said...

Oh yay! I'm so glad you tagged me! I never get tagged either. :) And I totally laughed about your pet peeves, SO TRUE!!!

Veronica said...

I am going to start doing each one of these way more when I'm around you, you know?

Alicia States said...

I got TAGGED! Woo-Hoo! lol.